Exhibition, Excursion

OPENING 7 FEBRUARY, 2024, 7 pm || The BHP'23 exhibition at the HDA shows 25 nominated and award-winning architectural projects from all over Austria, which were created in particularly intensive collaboration between clients and architects. The Styrian projects will be visited as part of an excursion on 8 March 2024.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As part of the European funding programme LINA, the HDA is organising a three-year research project with young architecture firms from Europe. Building on the research conducted by the LINA Fellows in spring 2023 at the HDA in Graz, in which traditional and new, sustainable building types were gathered and documented, we will launch a design laboratory in the second part of the research lab. In cooperation with the Chair of Building Construction, Building Technology and Design, Prof. Martin Ostermann, University of Stuttgart, a workshop will take place from 13–27 February 2024.

Lecture, Days of Architecture

The Caruso St John architectural practice from London is one of the most renowned British architectural practices. The firm has earned a special reputation for its work with historic buildings. The talk by Florian Zierer, head of Caruso St John in Zurich, will present recent projects by the office, explains their specific context and the processes of remodeling. An event in cooperation with XAL